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Tim Tebow Girlfriend 2012: Who is the real one?

Tim Tebow, a devout Christian man and the New Yorks Jets quarterback has been linked to several women, including Taylor Swift, Dianna Argon and Erin Drewes, but has yet to release any

Power Couples: Top 5 Hottest Football Couples

Although most people enjoy watching football games for the on-field action, many Celeb Lovers are just as interested in seeing who is in the stands to cheer on their hot men. So,

Top 5 fastest football players in NFL history

Few qualities allure NFL scouts more than raw speed. Just watch some tape of Deion Sanders ridiculing defenders on a punt return or hawking receivers as a cornerback and you’ll quickly understand

Top 10 Hottest College Football Cheerleading Squads 2012

If you want to see cheerleading beauties and hot college football cheerleaders, make sure to go to a game in a sunny climate as the PAC 12, ACC, Big 12 and SEC

Hottest Cheerleaders Of New York Preseason Football

Cheerleaders Of New York Football to see. Even though it’s a preseason game, tonight is huge for the Jets. Can Tebow throw a spiral? Will Rex show any wildcat formations? Will Sanchez

Sporting Equipment: What You Need to Play American Football

What Sporting Equipment you need to Play American Football? For adequate protection, football players should wear football equipment that fits properly and is in good condition The helmet is the most important

Top 5 College Football Teams Ranking 2012

Ranking the top five college football teams this year. Upsets continue to be a theme through the first four weeks of the college football season. This past weekend, Oklahoma dropped a big

Top Playoff Rivalries in Sports: Packers vs. Giants

Although the Packers and Giants have only met once since 1962, they established a storybook rivalry in the early days of football. It’s the type of juxtaposition journalists love. The mighty city

Top Football Rivals: Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers

While the Cowboys and 49ers met for the conference championship as far back as 1970 and the most memorable moment between the two is “The Catch” by Dwight Clark, this rivalry was

Most Popular Sports Icon in American Sports Today

Just whenever we thought Tebow-mania have been placed on hold for any couple of several weeks and New York’s Linsanity had faded in the sports mega celebrity status, in steps Peyton Manning