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Top 10 mlb catchers 2012

The catcher position in Major League Baseball is a difficult position to figure out for fantasy GMs. Each year, there are players that have breakout campaigns, only to falter the following year.

Top 10 mlb mascots

Here’s a top 10 list of a different kind. This one, like most lists of opinion, is very subjective. Some mascots are just there while others have become a part of the

Top 10 mlb nicknames

Nicknames have always has a strong tradition in baseball. Although they are prevalent as ever in MLB, many of the modern ones—think “A-Rod”—lack the originally of the old days, when Babe Ruth

Top 10 mlb offenses

2012 has provided the baseball world with another invigorating season. Teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals have been a pleasant surprise for many, while the New York Yankees and Texas

Top 5 mlb rumors

It’s a young man’s sport. At least, that seems to be the trend in Major League Baseball. Long gone are the days when the 40-year-old stars roamed the diamonds. Now, rookies like

5 mlb power rankings

1. New York Yankees – New York’s substantial AL East lead has shrunk as the Rays and Orioles ramp up their pursuit. Ivan Nova’s injury certainly doesn’t help. 2. Texas Rangers –

Top 5 mlb pro picks

The elite left-handed starters have a big advantage just for the simple fact that most players see a lot more right-handed pitching. Also, batting practice is mostly thrown by righties. Look for

Top 5 catchers in mlb 2012

The recent retirement of Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez has opened the debate regarding his place on the list of baseball’s best catchers. Rodriguez had some terrific offensive seasons and was perhaps the greatest

Popular mlb top 10 home run hitters

1. Barry Bonds – 762 Home Runs Position: Left Field Teams: Pittsburgh, San Francisco Career: 1986 – 2007 (World Series Champion/Appearances: 0/1) Bonds holds the single-season home run record of 73 set

Top 10 worst baseball uniforms

Baseball is a sport that transcends time. It is one of the few activities in America that a Civil War veteran, if he was miraculously raised from the dead, would understand. And