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Mike Tyson on Muhammad Ali for the First Time

So who wins in a fight between Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, both in their prime? That discussion below. But I think I know what Tyson’s answer would be. Tyson first met

World’s Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Boxers in History

Here are the World’s Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Boxers. For the first time in history, at the 2012 London Olympics, female boxing will be an official event. So with the women’s

Hot Female Boxers – Laila Ali

Laila Ali, the hottest female boxer in boxing world. We start off with Laila Ali, the daughter of “The Greatest”, boxing legend Muhammad Ali. “Lay Lay” or “She Bee Stingin’” was born

Top Sexiest Female Boxers in the World

The Sexiest Female Boxers in the World. Beautiful female professional boxers in the world. Kina Malpartida Peruvian female professional boxer Kina Malpartida was born on March 25th, 1980 in Lima, Peru. Her

Most Impressive Mike Tyson First-Round KO of All Time

There was a time that boxing, horse racing and baseball were the only three professional sports that mattered in the United States. Those days are long over. In boxing’s case, it is

Womens Boxing: How much do female professional boxers make?

How much do female professional boxers make in women’s boxing matches? Female boxers have yet to catch up with their male counterparts in terms of pay. Since women’s boxing has been unsuccessful

Christy Martin vs. Mia St John Boxing Match News

Christy Martin vs. Mia St John Boxing Match. In a match that signaled the end of an era, Mia St. John defeated Christy Martin in a 10-round unanimous decision at the Table

Womens Boxing: All About Christy Martin

5’4½” junior welterweight Christy Martin from Orlando, Florida was probably the best-known female boxer in the world in the late 1990′s. Her contract with promoter Don King introduced millions of pay-per-view viewers

Celebrity Gossip: Tyson refused New Zealand visa again

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has been refused a visa to visit New Zealand as part of a series of motivational speeches for the second time, the country’s government said on

Is Manny Pacquiao the best boxer on the planet?

Probably the most questionable subjects in boxing continues to be who the pound-for-pound best boxer within the world truly is. Some claim the title is going to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the